Why should I add some oil to raw carrot juice?

Why should I add some vegetable oil to raw carrot juice?

Raw carrot juice is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These two vitamins are fat-soluble. That means that they cannot be absorbed by our body without additional fats.

What kinds of vegetable oils can be used?

You can use your favourite vegetable oil – olive, canola, sunflower, coconut, Pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, palm oil, soybean oil, corn oil or any other.

Just add 1 teaspoon of oil to a glass of raw juice and help vitamins to be absorbed.

Are there any other sources of fat that can be used with carrot juice?

Yes! You can eat some nuts with your juice, or you can add some milk or cream to it.

Also, you can juice some avocado to your raw juice cocktail. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat like olive oil.

Are there any other fat-soluble vitamins?

Fat-soluble vitamins are:

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  1. ChaRX
    June 18th, 2011| 10:35 am

    Please do not tell people to add canola oil to their raw juice drinks. Canola is an engineered plant developed in Canada. The oil is derived from the rapeseed plant (an excellent insect repellent, by the way.) The rapeseed is a member of the mustard family. Rapeseed oil has been used extensively in many parts of the world, namely India, Japan, and China. Before the rapeseed was genetically engineered, about two-thirds of the monounsaturated fatty acids were erucic acid. Erucic acid was associated with Keshan’s disease, a condition which is characterized by fibrous lesions of the heart. In the late 1970s, Canadian plant breeders were able to create a variety of rapeseed which produced a monounsaturated oil which was much lower in erucic acid. This “new” oil was originally called LEAR oil (Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed.) Neither “rape” nor “lear” created an appealing image: hence, Canola …(”Canada” and “oil.”)
    Canola oil is from the rapeseed plant and does not break down in your body plus it is so toxic. Please look into oils that are unrefined and pesticide free with no GMO plants - CORN/SOY/SUGAR BEETS

  2. Singapore Employment Pass
    July 13th, 2011| 3:05 pm

    Hi ChaRX Thanks a lot for the information. I think there are more than hundred people who are not aware for Canola oil. Thanks once again.

  3. Online games
    July 26th, 2011| 1:12 pm

    Thanks for the post. I never know it is so important. I will add for sure.

  4. Services
    July 26th, 2011| 1:14 pm

    Amazing to me. i use to make juice but never added such oil. Let me try.

  5. coral
    August 30th, 2011| 11:05 pm

    Surely when talking about the fat soluble vitamins A & E, these are found in fish and nuts for example. Vitamin A & E in carrots don’t need oil to digest them properly-do they??

  6. coral
    August 30th, 2011| 11:09 pm

    I have been juicing veg for years now (including carrot) and have never read anywhere that you should add oil, although I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt..

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