Things to include in a First-Aid Kit for Traveling

No matter where you are traveling to, you should always carry some sort of medical kit.

A first-aid kit can be purchased from any medical supplier. However, it is cheaper to make it yourself. In addition, self-made medical kit will meet your own special health needs and its contents may vary depending upon the destination, the duration of the trip, and your health status.

A First-aid kit may include:

  • Adhesive tape;
  • Antiseptic wound cleanser;
  • Antiseptic spray or cream;
  • Bandages in a variety of sizes;
  • Digital thermometer;
  • Fabric plasters;
  • Mirror;
  • Pocket knife;
  • Scissors, tweezers, safety pins;
  • Sterile cotton balls and gauze pads;
  • Sterile dressing;
  • Small cold pack;
  • First-aid manual.


  • Antibiotics (in case as diarrhea or wound infections);
  • Anti-malarial medicines;
  • Antifungal powder;
  • Antihistamines for allergies;
  • Antinausea drug, such as Phenergan;
  • Cough and cold medicines;
  • Contraception;
  • Eye drops for sore eyes;
  • Insect repellent and insect bite treatment;
  • Lip balm;
  • Medicine for diarrhea and upset stomach;
  • Moleskin for blisters;
  • Oral rehydration salts;
  • Pain medicines, such as Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen;
  • Sun and sea protection, lotion for sunburn;
  • Your prescription medicines.

The components of your first-aid kit should be stored in a waterproof container.

Please note, that due to airport carry-on restrictions, you may not be able to take your first-aid medical kit in your carry-on luggage.

Pack your first-aid medical kit with care and never go on a journey without it!


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