The Role of Estrogen during Pregnancy

Estrogen is another hormone, which is produced by ovaries, corpus luteum (”yellow body”) and placenta, and has an important role throughout pregnancy.

The role of estrogen  involves interaction with progesterone, and its levels increase steadily untill birth.

The Role of Estrogen

First, in pre-ovulaion period estrogen is produced by granulosa cells, where it interacts with progesterone and makes ovulation possible.

Second, estrogen regulates the production of progesterone by placenta. It is vitally important, as decrease of progesterone levels my cause pregnancy loss.

Next, estrogen has a vital role in the development of the fetus. It stimulates the maturation of different organs, such as kidneys, liver, lungs, and regulates bone density.

Then, it makes placenta grow and function properly.

And finally, estrogen prepares a pregnant woman for the lactation period.


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