Raw Juice Therapy: Increase Sex Drive and Boost Erection

Raw celery juice – 100ml
Raw avocado juice – 50ml
Raw peach juice – 50ml
Raw pomegranate juice – 100ml

The combination of raw celery, avocado, peach and pomegranate juice has magical effects when it comes to maintaining a good sexual  health.

Raw celery has been used for centuries as a cure for impotence. It contains androsterone, a human only pheromone, that increases the sexual desire.

Raw avocado juice has a nutrient that stimulates the sexual glands, which helps getting a strong erection.

Raw peach juice has been considered to be very useful.  It helps in relieving stress and increasing libido.

And finally, raw pomegranate juice is the most well known juice for increasing your sex drive.

Enjoy this raw juice cocktail for male enhancement and see the difference!

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