Raw Juice Therapy: Constipation Treatment

Raw prune juice – 100ml
Raw cucumber juice – 75mlConstipation
Raw pumpkin juice – 75m

Combination of raw prune, cucumber and pumkin juice is really a good natural remedy for constipation.

Raw prune juice is good for boosting digestive health. It is rich in dietary fiber, isatin and sorbitol - all of them are important elements are good for treatment of constipation.

Raw pumpkin juice is an excellent stool softener. It helps to regulate their digestive system and relieve constipation.

Raw cucumber juice is an effective laxative that aids bowel action.

Please note: Chronic constipation may not respond to raw juice therapy treatment or any other simple measures. If you think your constipation does indeed become chronic however, it is best to visit your doctor and discuss treatment options that are available!

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