Raw Beet Juice – A Great Cleanser of the Body!

beetrootBeet juice is considered to be one of the most powerful cleansers of the body.

It is rich in Vitamin A, Sodium, Calcium, Chlorine, Vitamin B6, Sulfur, Iron, and Potassium.

Pure raw beet juice may increase your heart rate, cause fever or paralyze your vocal chords. That is why it should be used moderately. To decrease side effects, it is suggested to mix beet juice with other fruits or vegetables, e.g. apples, carrots, cucumbers.Traditionally raw beet juice have been used for the following conditions:

  • Anemia
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Menopause
  • Skin problems
  • Eye fatigue
  • Menstrual problems
  • General weakness
  • Circulatory problems
  • Eye fatigue
  • Liver and Kidneys problems
  • Weight loss problems

The combination of raw beet juice (1/4) and carrot juice (3/4) is excellent to fight allergies. At least 200ml of beet and carrot juice is recommended for daily intake.

Moreover, a glass of beet and carrot juice can also reduce general weakness and refresh you.

Beet juice diluted in water can be used to stimulate liver. Do not panic if beet juice turns your stools and urine red. It is normal!

Beet greens are rich in carotene and minerals. They can also be juiced and added to other raw juices.


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    May 22nd, 2007| 6:36 am

    I made and drank aprox. six ounces of fresh beet juice and was gaging and vomiting five minutes later? Was it too much. I know it is healthy but now I’m afraid to drink it.

  2. Wendy
    January 7th, 2008| 3:50 am

    Not to worry! Nausea is a good sign. Raw Beet juice stimulates bile flow from the gall bladder. This is how the liver and gall bladder detoxify. Try starting out with the juice of only 1 beet, about 4oz juice, maybe also add 1 carrot if you can handle the sugar. As your liver and gall bladder become cleaner, the naseous reaction will lessen. The key is to drink the juice once a day. Start out with a smaller amount. Drink the juice first thing in the morning, wait about an hour before eating. It’s okay to add water, too.

  3. Bromelaine
    January 9th, 2008| 1:48 pm

    Add some fresh ginger. Dilute with cold water.

  4. andrea
    February 18th, 2008| 4:39 am

    This seems to be what i’m looking for, I am constantly exhausted, so looking for some fresh juice wellbeing recipes. Should I re- concider if I have had previous liver and kidney stress?

  5. Bob Fairlane
    August 15th, 2009| 10:58 am

    I like to simply open a can of beets, pour the juice in a glass, and eat some of the beets with a salad or vegetables. I use the other beets for a chicken dinner or soup. I sip on the beet juice from the glass until it is gone. No nausea!

  6. Kate
    October 14th, 2009| 11:25 pm

    Beets are a superb vegetable for juicing. They are especially good for thinning bile and keeping it flowing. Just be careful of taking too much raw beet juice - it can produce a severe reaction including increased heart rate. Mix it with some carrot juice, cucumber juice and even dilute with water. Don’t forget to juice the ‘stem and leaves’ of the beets as they are full of goodness too.

  7. star
    August 25th, 2010| 1:11 pm

    Using canned fruits and veggies is not recommended for juicing, they are no longer in an alkaline state, they are acidic.

  8. sean
    August 29th, 2010| 12:10 am

    i just guzzled about 20oz of beet juice and feel pretty sick…. FML

  9. jimmie
    September 28th, 2010| 5:30 am

    I drank about 4 oz fresh juiced, thought it tasted pretty good throght a tad num for about 5 min but not bad.

  10. RubyRedBeets
    October 1st, 2010| 7:54 pm

    Combine the beets with carrots and an apple. The vitamin C in the apples allows your body to absorb the iron in the beets and makes it taste delicious. I’ve had a glass every day for the last month and can’t get enough! I’ve never had any side effects from beets with the quantities below.

    - 2 beets
    - 3-4 carrots
    - 1 apple (tart like Cortland or Granny Smith)

    This will make enough juice for two people (one regular glass each).

  11. michele
    March 10th, 2011| 8:18 pm

    Has anyone heard of the andrea mortiz liver gallbladder cleanse. I want to try it.

  12. karen
    March 14th, 2011| 6:52 pm

    For those that get sick from beet juice, I had the same reaction (not as severe though.) I was afraid to continue using it, but I had to be honest with myself. I was dehydrated when I drank the raw beet juice. After a little research I realize it’s important to drink plenty of fluids. It’s similar to when you get a massage and a lot of built up toxins begin to flow through the body. The best medicine (as usual) is plenty of water. (Not by chugging it and making yourself sick, but by being well hydrated in the first place.)

  13. karen
    March 14th, 2011| 6:53 pm

    That sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Jules
    March 22nd, 2011| 6:27 am

    So I tried juicing beets today, with some carrot, celery, apple and cilantro juices as well. Had a bit of nausea but was ok. Throughout the day I felt like a UTI was coming on or something. Must’ve been the beet juice. It went away by nightfall but still weird. Maybe it was the detoxification? I’m going to wait til my day off to try it again, in case I have any more problems.

  15. erin
    June 14th, 2011| 4:59 am

    I’m just checking out this website because I got a sudden, high fever and I was wondering if the beet juice had anything to do with it. I juiced about 4 small beets with 3 carrots and within an hour I started to get chills. It’s possibly a coincidence… I’ve had beet juice a few times before but it never had this sort of effect.

  16. Beetbommer
    August 3rd, 2011| 2:39 pm

    Had a severe reaction after drinking 150ml, vomit, headache. Feeling blech! I didn’t expect it as I’ve drank extracted juice in the past, but clearly beetroot is to be handled with caution.

  17. Fat_lulu
    September 27th, 2011| 3:39 am

    Drank 500 ml of pure beetroot juice after reading it properties on the web. Was very deshydrated of a 3 hrs of jogging. Puked the entire thing 5 min later and for a complete hour…. Searching the courage to try it again in smaller quantity….

  18. Orion
    November 2nd, 2011| 7:00 pm

    I make and drink fresh juice at least once every day(usually twice). I always include beets and carrots! This is my breakfast and lunch(usually) everyday.
    1 beet(medium size)
    2 large carrots
    3 collared green leaves(or other large leaf green)
    1 lemon(peeled)
    3 oranges(peeled)
    1cup cranberries
    3 apples
    **if I have it I toss in an inch and a half of fresh ginger and sometimes ill through in a grapefruit instead of 2 of the oranges***
    **if it tastes too “earthy” for you try peeling the carrots and the beets***

    I use a Breville Juice Fountain Elite and its awesome!!!!

  19. Orion
    November 2nd, 2011| 7:10 pm

    ***Note for above post***

    This makes enough juice for 2 400ml servings.
    Eat a banana along with it and its filling even for a big guy like me! I’m 6′ and 300lbs. When I first started I lost 20lbs in my first week and a half. Drinking this juice for breakfast and lunch and having a huge garden salad for supper!

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