Nutritional Value of Raw Apple Juice

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


ApplesRaw apple juice is invaluable in the maintenance of good health and in the treatment of many deseases.

It is especially advised for thouse who would like to start a raw juice diet and older people.

Apple juice is a good source of B vitamins (В1, В2, B5, В6), which play important roles in cell metabolism and maintainance of healthy skin and muscle tone.

Raw apple juice contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system and reduces the risk of cancer.

Apples do not contain any cholesterol, but contain dietary fiber. Therefore, raw apple juice can be used to control cholesterol levels, improve heart health and promote weight loss.

Being rich in iron, arsenic and phosphorus, raw apple juice is widely used in treatment of anaemia.

Raw juice of green apples act as a liver and cholecyst cleanser and may aid in softening choleliths (gallstones).

In addition, apple juice is also a source of calcium, ,cobalt, copper, vitamin P, potassium, manganesezinc and nickel.

Raw apple juice can also ease arthritis and rheumatism.

It is considered to be safe to drink raw apple juice in large quantities. However, if you have gastritis, peptic ulcer and pancreatisis acute conditions, apple juice is not reccomended.       


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