Nutritional Information and Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey has been used both as a food and as a medicine for thousands of years.

Honey is prepared by the honeybees from the nectar of flowers.

Honey is made of fructose, glucose, water and other sugars. It is rich in enzymes, minerals and amino acids essential to our body. Honey is a good source of the following vitamins: B1, B6, B12, C, E and Biotin.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

  • Honey has anti-oxidant properties - it helps the body to get rid of free radicals that destroy our cells.
  • Eating honey that is local to your area can prevent seasonal allergies.
  • Honey has antimicrobial properties. You can use it when you have a common cold or the flue.
  • Honey is also an effective stomach ulcers remedy.
  • Honey stops infection! It is often used for wound care.
  • Honey may also be used in the treatment of diarrhea.
  • Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar in food and drinks.

How to Choose Good Quality Honey

The color of the raw honey mainly depends on the season and the type of nectar collected by honeybees. Darker honeys have higher nutritive value than lighter honeys.

Good quality honey has low water content.

Honey does not benefit from pasteurization.

WARNING! Do not feed honey to babies up to one year of age.

Honey is perfectly safe for pregnant women.

Moderate amounts of honey can be eaten by people with diabetes.

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  1. Simon B
    May 24th, 2010| 9:18 am

    Please can you provide more detailed information on the nutrients in raw honey?


  2. Naturkosmetik
    August 26th, 2010| 10:50 am

    Honey has such a number of advantages, its great to know about it

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