Natural Hair Care - Protein Shampoo

Protein shampoos are especially useful when hair styling is made difficult by hair damage from dyeing, permanent waving or daily grooming.

Protein shampoos easily remove oil and chemical buildup, and makes hair strong and very manageable.

Actually, there are two types of protein shampoo:

The first type contains a simple fiber derived from eggs, milk, soya, gelatin or meat. This type of protein helps to protect the structure of hair from damage and makes hair look thick and full.

The second type is more advanced. It contains so-called substantive protein, a hydrolyzed fiber, that is easily absorbed by hair.

It was claimed that the substantive protein penetrates into the hair, and would repair damage produced by chemicals, brushing, teasing and bleaching.

Moreover, it adds shine and body to normal to oily hair and leaves hair manageable.


Protein shampoos should not be used more that twice a week.



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