How to Choose the Best Red Caviar and How to Store It?

In order to enjoy the health benefits of red caviar, it is important to choose the best quality caviar and to store it properly.

How to choose the best red caviar?

  • Good caviar should smell fresh, with no off odors.
  • High quality red caviar has entire, tough and detachable grains.
  • Caviar looks like a mess if it was frozen.
  • It is better to buy red caviar in glass jars, rather than in metal tins.
  • Keta’s caviar has distinctly bigger roe grain, whereas the roe of sockeye is very small.
  • High quality salmon caviar is mainly produced from July to September. If your caviar was packed, for example, in December, it is probably not of the good quality and was made from frozen roe.

How to store red caviar?

  • Red caviar should be eaten in 2-3 days since you have opened the jar.
  • Caviar should not be frozen! Store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator.
  • Do not store red caviar in metal tins after opening, as metal oxidizes it and can give a bad taste.

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