Health Benefits of Salt Pipe Inhaler

The salt pipe inhaler is a natural product which aims to provide a relief if you are suffering from shortness of breath or breathing difficult. It can be easily used anywhere and by anyone over the age of three.


The salt pipe inhaler is filled with halite salt crystals from a salt mine.

There are many salt mines in Europe that are visited people suffering from chronic respiratory disorders, allergies and asthma. Salt inhalation was recommended by Hippocrates by using the age-old method to heat a salt solution to obtain steam and inhale it to the body.

Salt has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Breathing through the salt pipe inhaler calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system.


  • 100% natural and drug free;
  • Eases respiratory symptoms - reduces irritation, stimulates secretion, cleanses the cells of the respiratory system;
  • Reduces asthma attacks - helps you breathe more easily;
  • Helps bronchitis, COPD and rhinitis.
  • Soothes common cold and other infections;
  • Helps reduce drug┬átreatment;
  • No side effects, easy to use.

There are various designs of salt pipe inhalers available in the market. It can be a small palm size which is very handy and easy to take with you everywhere, or it can be bigger for home usage.
Some vendors offer special designs for children.

It is recommended to use the saltpipe inhaler for 15-20 minutes daily for best results.

Salt pipe inhaler is safe to use in pregnant women.

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