Health Benefits of Raw Kiwi Fruit Juice

Kiwi fruit, originated from China, is one of the top healthy fruits. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and protective phytochemicals that promote health and longevity of human life.

Raw Kiwi Fruit Juice Nutritional Value

Kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamin C.

It is also an excellent source of vitamins A and E, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and copper.

In addition, raw kiwi juice contains folate and the amino acid L-arginine.

Health Benefits of Raw Kiwi Fruit Juice

  • Raw kiwi fruit juice reduces high blood pressure and regulates heart beat.
  • Being rich in Vitamin C, raw kiwi fruit juice boosts our immune system, helps with iron absorption, and the prevention of anaemia.
  • Raw kiwi juice helps to enrich your diet with valuable antioxidants that protect cells from free-radical damage.
  • Raw kiwi juice improves eyesight.
  • Raw kiwi juice supports energy metabolism and nerve function.
  • Folate, or folic acid, plays an essential role in making new body cells and is essential for women planning pregnancy and during pregnancy.
  • Raw kiwi fruit juice aids our fluid balance.
  • L-arginine helps to keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy.
  • Raw kiwi fruit juice promotes respiratory tract health.

Kiwi juice is often combined with strawberry juice. It can be also mixed with any other your favorite juice.

Consume ½ glass of raw kiwi fruit juice for health benefits daily!

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    January 24th, 2011| 2:33 pm

    The fruit juices not only are really delicious but are also highly recommended for our body. Are an important source of Vitamins and minerals. Therefore, mixing fruit and vegetables is the best choice when preparing nutritious juices and smoothies.
    Thanks for sharing such a fantastic and helpful article with us. I hope this article ll helpful to all people.

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