Health Benefits of Dill Leaves and Seeds

Dill is a perennial herb native to southern Russia, western Africa and the Mediterranean region.

Dill is widely used for in pickling and seasoning for meat, fish, vegetables, or soups. Both the seeds and leaves of dill herb can be used.

Health Benefits of Dill Leaves and SeedsDill Benefits

Dill is a very good source of minerals, particularly calcium, which is essential to maintain healthy teeth and bones.

Dill contains a big quantity of folic acid that helps the body make healthy new cells.

As to anti-bacterial properties of dill, it is as effective as garlic. Chew some dill leaves to freshen the breath and prevents bacteria growth inside the mouth.

Dill is successfully used for meteorism and colic.

Dill is beneficial for urinary problems. It is a good diuretic which means that it increases the urine flow and removes excess water from the body.

Dill is a good insomnia reliever. It helps to relax for a restful night’s sleep.

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