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Raw Juice Therapy in Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia is the reduction in the normal number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood.
There are many types of anemia, and iron deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia.
Raw juices of several fruits and vegetables are very effective for Anemia Treatment.
You can use:

Raw pumpkin juice
Raw more...

Raw Juice Therapy: Constipation Treatment

Raw prune juice – 100ml
Raw cucumber juice – 75ml
Raw pumpkin juice – 75m
Combination of raw prune, cucumber and pumkin juice is really a good natural remedy for constipation.
Raw prune juice is good for boosting digestive health. It is rich in dietary fiber, isatin and sorbitol - all of them are important elements are good for more...

Raw Juice Therapy: Increase Sex Drive and Boost Erection

Raw celery juice – 100ml
Raw avocado juice – 50ml
Raw peach juice – 50ml
Raw pomegranate juice – 100ml
The combination of raw celery, avocado, peach and pomegranate juice has magical effects when it comes to maintaining a good sexual  health.
Raw celery has been used for centuries as a cure for impotence. It contains androsterone, a human only more...

Fight Insomnia with Fresh Pumpkin Juice!


200ml raw pumpkin juice
1tbsp honey

Raw pumpkin juice is rich in Magnesium which is a really good sleeping aid as it helps your muscles to relax.
Honey is a traditional remedy for insomnia. It slightly raises your sugar level in the blood. In the result, the level of insulin increases and helps tryptophan to be absorbed and more...

Another Raw Juice Cocktail Recipe to Lower High Blood Pressure

Honey melon
Honey melon is a good source of potassium, thus it helps regulating blood pressure.
Spinach is rich in folate that may reduce blood pressure, and improve other cardiovascular measures.
Parsley is also rich in potassium.
According to various studies and researches, beetroot is high in nitrates which are highly effective in maintaining blood vessels and controlling blood more...

High Blood Pressure – manage it with Carrots and Bell Peppers Raw Juice Cocktail!

2 carrots,
1 bell peppers (capsicum),
¼ lemon,
3 cloves of garlic,
Carrots can lower blood pressure due to the high content of potash succinate, a nutrient that is said to have anti hypertensive drug properties.
Vitamin C, capsaicin, and flavonoids found in bell peppers are good to prevent blood clot formation, thus preventing strokes.
Garlic is a wonderful remedy for more...

Improve Your Overall Health with Raw Tomato Juice Cocktail

Raw tomato juice tastes great on it’s own and mixed with other juices.
The following cocktail has a number of health benefits. It helps increase energy and improves overall health.
Tomato juice is rich in lycopene, the disease-protective antioxidant.
Carrot juice improves eye health and digestion.
Beet juice is considered to be one of the most powerful cleansers of more...

Carrot, Cabbage and Cucumber Juice Cocktail: Improve your eyesight!

This recipe relates generally to relief of eyestrain and fatigue and, more particularly, to vision disturbance.

5-7 carrots
1/4 cabbage
1 cucumber

Raw carrot juice is rich in Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) that supports eyesight and prevents cataract.
In addition it is an effective treatment for night-blindness, as well as eye inflammation and redness of the eye.
Cabbage is another good source more...

Ayurvedic Recipe: Drink lemon juice every day!

Raw lemon juice is beneficial if you drink it every day.
This Ayurvedic recipe helps purify the liver and is a great tonic for the digestive system!
Moreover, it improves complexion, fights infextion, and stimulates your mind!
Ayurvedic recipe:
So, take a glass of warm water. Add 3-4 tablespoons of raw lemon juice (1 lemon) and 1 tablespoon of honey.
Take more...

Influenza Treatment and Prevention: Fresh Juice Cocktail


2 carrots,
1 cucumber,
1 lemon,
1/2 grapefruit,

Do not remove the rind of fruits and vegetables, as it is also rich in essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.
To prevent influenza it is suggested to take this fresh juice cocktail daily during the influenza season.
If you have early symptoms of influenza, such as sore throat, headache or muscle pains, more...

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