Biofeedback: mind-body therapy

Can you control your heartbeat? Can you make your symptoms to disappear? Can you control your body temperature with your mind? Today, control over our own internal processes is part of a new type of medicine called “biofeedback” or “mind-body therapy”.

What is biofeedback therapy?
Biofeedback therapy is a type of complementary and alternative medicine. “Biofeedback” uses new technology to help people control their own internal organs and improve their health.
A variety of monitoring equipment and procedures teaches to control internal processes, such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Brain activity
  • Muscle tension

Once you learn to recognize and control these processes, you can use mind-body therapy to relieve symptoms and treat over 100 medical conditions.

For example, if a person has problems with sleeping, he or she is connected to a special computer biofeedback device that shows the activity of the brain. The person then does mental exercises to try to relax. When brain activity falls, the computer device makes a noise. Slowly, the person learns what type of mental exercises can reduce the activity of the brain.

Doctors in many parts of the world have been using biofeedback with great success for many years. It is now a very useful form of medicine for problems with stress, tension, epilepsy, the heart, pain and insomnia.

With biofeedback self-regulation you can save your money on medicines, as you will be able to treat yourself with the power of your mind.

However, you should never forget that biofeedback has nothing to do with magic – it will have no effect if you don’t make effort yourself.


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